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Ten things that bring me joy

Taking up the meme from Sacha, here are ten things that bring me joy, in no meaningful order.

  1. Walking in the new snow at night
  2. Shots of Jack Daniels while watching the Colorado Avalanche at the Lazy Dog
  3. A long run at the pool table
  4. Poetry by John Ashbery
  5. Being invited to do things
  6. Writing. It doesn't matter too much what it is.
  7. Meditation, over a long period of time.
  8. Writing code that works, which brings me joy until I realize all the ways I could make it better, when the cycle repeats.
  9. Reading random pages from Invisible Cities.
  10. Hearing something, then imagining what it might sound like if Anselm Hollo said it.

I'm too shy to tag anyone, but take it up if you like.

Tags: diary, joy, list, meme
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