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Tupac: Resurrection

Watched Tupac: Resurrection tonight. Pretty interesting, especially since I didn't pay much attention to the shootings and the rape charges while they were happening. I was listening to his music then, but I wasn't watching MTV or reading Source.

Probably most entertaining was his lengthy account of being in prison. About the irony and weirdness of serving a perfect family Bill Cosby product like Jell-O in prison. Signing autographs for skinheads. After getting out, going into the studio instead of seeing a therapist "because it's cheaper".

The weirdest part was all the interview segments with Tupac, Dre, and other Death Row people dressed in their California Love video costumes. Remember it? Metal spikey post-apocalypse gear. And also, how much Tabitha Soren was in it. I guess that's because so much of the material came from the MTV archives.

The film itself isn't very tight. They say next to nothing about the circumstances under which he was fatally shot, even though that's the climax that the whole thing is built up to. They show some bullet holes, some bent rims, and a bunch of people lighting candles, and that's about it. There's also way too many aerial shots of random pretty landscapes accompanied by Tupac tracks dispersed throughout. I don't know. I don't think I'm the only one who doesn't really associate Tupac's music with trees and sunsets.

They also only mention a couple of albums by name, and don't go through much trouble to associate the different time periods in the story with the music that was out then. I was expecting a lot more of that. It's definitely a lot more about the person than it is about the music, even though the person himself is always trying to connect everything with the music.

But, there is a lot of good interview footage, reason enough to watch it. I haven't watched all the extras yet, and probably won't, but this old video of a 20 year old Tupac giving a speech at a "Malcolm X Dinner" is something.
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