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Ballpark veggie dogs

On the serving of veggie dogs at a recent baseball game, and the class conflict therein.

According to this story in the Washington Times, veggie dogs were served at the home opener at RFK Memorial Stadium for the new Washington Nationals.

That's encouraging. Not because veggie dogs are all that great or anything, but I like to be able to eat when I go places, and seeing that sports venues might soon be serving food that I can eat and that contains protein is a positive development.

Unfortunately, the dogs they chose contain egg, so they are not vegan. That's strange, because I don't think I've ever seen a veggie dog made with egg before.

Also unfortunately, this all appears to be tied up with some class stuff. Or rather, the article frames it that way. Traditional working-class fare is out and yuppie fare like wine and veggie dogs are in. Where did this idea that working-class people can't be vegetarian come from?

With wine, it makes more sense, because it's a bourgeois connoisseur thing. There are many varieties of wine, and becoming familiar with them is a hobby that requires a lot of money and leisure time, neither of which the working class would normally be thought to have.

But veggie dogs don't share that aspect. There are only a few kinds of veggie dogs, and they are all about the same. You could master the available flavor spectrum on your day off, even if you only had one day off a week. Or less. And they don't cost that much money. Of course they cost a lot of money at a ball park, because even a beer costs $5 at the park. But at the store, they don't cost that much. Less than all of that junk food that is supposedly working-class, like gigantic bags of Doritos.

I guess it has to do with the reason people eat veggie dogs. They eat veggie dogs because they are concerned about their pristine bourgeois figure. The working class is not afraid of a little gut. Or they eat them for environmental reasons, and then you're smack in the middle of the conflict between the working class and the environmental movement, which is a topic for another day.

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