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Cooking with ginger

A few random tips about how not to waste ginger when preparing it.

Some tips on cooking with ginger gleaned from the Ask the Cooks column in the Boston Globe Magazine, 2005 March 27.

  1. Peel the ginger with a plastic spoon. I generally do ok with a knife, but it is true that this can sometimes waste a lot of ginger. The author here claims that the plastic spoon is just sharp enough to get the skin off but too dull to waste any ginger.
  2. When grating the ginger, put a sheet of plastic wrap over the finest screen of a metal box grater. Rub the ginger over the surface until you have enough for your recipe, then pull the plastic off. The ginger will remain on the plastic. Makes clean-up easier and prevents ginger from getting caught in the grater.
  3. For leftover ginger, thinly slice it and immerse it in sugar-and-water syrup along with a little vinegar. Place it in a tightly sealed container and refrigerate it. It will keep for months.
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