johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Trying out Quills

I'm experimenting with the other Plone blog product, Quills.

I wasn't entirely happy with SimpleBlog for a few reasons.

I ran into a couple of errors right off the bat. I didn't put any work at all into trying to get them fixed. They might be fixed in CVS, I don't know. I suppose there might be something wrong with my setup, but they didn't look like that kind of error.

The first error happened when I tried to add categories at a local blog level, and assign an entry to those categories. That worked ok, but then when I went to edit the entry after publishing it, I got an error message and could not edit it. My workaround for this was to specify the categories globally, which worked fine. That was ok for me, because the only blog here is mine, so there is no need for different category lists for different blogs.

The second error was a bit more serious, and happened when I tried to set up the blog summary page as the front page for the site. I followed the instructions on the SimpleBlog site, and copied the standalone template code, saving it as the index_html page. Error.

Also, I'm somewhat interested in the trackbacks and other bloggy things that SimpleBlog doesn't support, and Quill is beginning to.

So, I'm going to give Quill a try. I should still look into the SimpleBlog bugs and see if they have been reported and/or fixed yet and such.
Tags: blogging, plone, python, quills, simpleblog, software
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