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The Carter hotel - NY, NY

I have held off on writing about my night in NYC last month, at which time I stayed in what is quite simply the dirtiest hotel room these eyes have ever seen.

I will still probably write about it in detail at some point, but for now, the important points are captured perfectly in this New York Times article --- a mighty fine piece of travel writing.

I do have one thing to add. While the article does a great job of summing up the various uncertainties that await a guest at the Hotel Carter,

As a guest of the Hotel Carter, you may or may not have your room cleaned. You may or may not find the multicolored, multipatterned carpet on the floor and the walls agreeable. You may or may not have a working television and telephone. You may or may not have a smooth check-in, since the front desk keeps track of reservations without the benefit of a computer system.

(emphasis mine) it does leave out one very important contingency, which is that you will be given a key to a room that may or may not be unoccupied. See, when we opened the door to our room after checking in, there were two dudes in there getting dressed.

There are so many prize quotes in there that pulling out the highlights would take me all morning, and I have work to do. But these two bits really capture the big picture:

And a businesswoman from Ukraine on the 23rd floor found that she liked her room better in the dark. "If the curtains close, light is off, it's not that bad," she said.


"I'm pretty low maintenance, and I think anybody who stays at a place like that has to be."


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