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Yucca Mountain public comment period ending

Received in the inbox this morning:

Dear Yucca Updates Subscriber,

We are writing to remind you that the public comment period ends NOVEMBER 21, 2005, on EPA's proposed revisions to our Radiation Protection Standards for Yucca Mountain (40 CFR Part 197). You may submit comments to us by e-mail, fax, postal delivery, or by courier or in person. Visit our Web site at for detailed information on how and where to send comments. We will consider these comments in developing a final Yucca Mountain rule.

Regardless of your opinion on nuclear power (it's bad), this has been a corrupt, political, and unscientific process, clearly geared toward steamrolling a state with little congressional representation into absorbing the nation's nuclear waste.

It doesn't sound like these standards are strong enough, at least NIRS doesn't think so:

EPA's proposal to allow 350 millirem per year radiation doses to people living downstream from the leaking dump — the equivalent of 58 full chest x-rays per year — would not only cause cancer, but also birth defects, genetic damage, and other maladies, and at alarming rates, and must be withdrawn. Current standards of 15 millirem per year from all pathways, and 4 millirem per year from drinking water, must be applied for the full regulatory period at Yucca Mountain, extending to the period of peak radiation doses (hundreds of thousands of years into the future) and beyond.

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