johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Booklist and other plugins

I installed the booklist plugin, so you can now follow along as I take on far too many reading assignments and accomplish none of them.

I'm having trouble controlling the layout of the list in the left column though. Even when I put a border-right assignment in the CSS, the border stops just after the heading for the booklist. I will investigate the cause of this, but for now, I'm giving up.

I attempted to install the imagekicker and photogallery plugins, but had no luck. Even though I defined the 'imagedata' variable in, the config checker insisted that it was undefined. None of the site would load with those plugins in the plugins directory, so I gave up on them for now as well. It's not as if my pictures are particulary exciting anyway.

Tags: blogging, pyblosxom, python
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