johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Samsung data cable, anyone?

Anyone need a data cable with driver disk that works with any of the following Samsung SGH phones?

  • E715
  • X426
  • X427
  • X475
  • X475
  • D415
  • E317
  • E315
  • E316
  • S307
  • C225

I have one that I just bought. Turns out S's phone is an R225. Which looks just like a C225. I don't think I can return it, so it's free for the taking.

I can't find a data cable for the R225 anywhere. If anyone has tips for how to use the R225 as a modem (dialing a dial-up number, not GPRS), or knows where to get a data cable for it (do they even make one?) let me know.

Update, later that day: Sorry, I have to retract the offer. In a long and tangled series of Tmobileness, I've ordered a new phone for S that will work with this lovely cable. I also sold my soul to them for another year, and asked them if they wanted change.

Tags: cell phone, connectivity
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