johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,
johnsu01 issues

Dear Anyone Who Might Care,

My web site ( is down for the day, has been down intermittently for the last couple days, due to a router gone mad.

It should be back up tonight, one way or another.

Anyone know what causes this behavior with a Linksys blue box wired router? There are 3 computers on my LAN, 2 of which run GNU/Linux. The router acts as DHCP server. The connection to the Internet goes down about once an hour or so. The connection between computers on the LAN still works fine. If I then do "pump" on _either_ of the 2 GNU/Linux machines, to reset the connection, the connection to the _Internet_ on _all 3_ machines comes back up. It doesn't matter which machine I do this on, and doing it on one re-establishes the connection for all three. Wtf?

Later tonight I'll try taking the router out of the loop and connecting a computer directly to the Internet, but neither me nor Speakeasy thinks this problem is with the connection coming in. It could be, though.

I've power-cycled the router, but have not yet done the full reset. I'll do that later too, after writing down all the settings that will need to be put in again.
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