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No complaints about today, really. I've been grooving on since I got home from work. Spent some time with it last night too. I can't say I understand what the deal is, because their site doesn't render very well in firefox (or maybe it's ratpoison that's the problem) --- menu options are cut off so I can only read the top or bottom half of some of them. I have 31 days left in my trial. I don't see any mention about money anywhere, but I suppose that since I have a timed trial, there must be a bill at the end of the rainbow. I doubt I'll be paying it.

Sorting out this moving stuff is going to be a pain, so you can look forward to a lot of whining about that. Anyone in the area want a sweet washer and a decent dryer? I will have both for sale. It's been a swell almost-a-year with my own washer and dryer in the basement, but all good things must come to an end. There is a coin-op laundromat directly outside my new front door, so I won't lose much convenience, anyway. I just hope they're open late.

I thought of a good first line for a story today, while passing through the turnstiles at Porter, and I've been rolling it around in my head ever since. I've been sort of bored in a way, even with all this excitement about to happen. When I get bored is when I get ideas for stories and poetry, so I'm pretty happy about it. Got to be careful not to get so happy that I'm not bored anymore, though.

A bunch of my friends are having a good time in Spokane, WA right now and for the rest of the weekend at the National Debate Tournament, which (nondebate people will just have to trust me on this one) is quite a party. I'm bummed not to be there, but dumb me had to go and schedule an important event for work on Saturday. It's one thing to miss something fun because someone tells you that you have to go to work, it's another thing to miss something fun because you scheduled yourself to work. The event will be good too, but the point is that I could have had both.

Conusmer props go out to the Kensington laptop bag company. I managed to hang on to one of their bags for 9 years. It now has a hole in it. It's covered by a lifetime warranty. I e-mailed them, and they said to pick out a new bag and they would send it to me (they obviously don't carry the 9-year old model anymore). Nice. I'll believe it when I see it, but it sounds like they are really going to send it.
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