johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Running (at various speeds) Superbowl commentary

Hey Eagles---there's no pick play in football! I guess if the refs don't see it, there is.

So far, seems like the officials are doing their part to even out the game (or the spread).

The Eagles show commendable intensity in their efforts to turn the ball over. Looks like this time, the refs can't stop them. Interception by Rodney Harrison, one of my favorite players of all time. Hope he's not hurt, I'm really not sure how I feel about a Superbowl appearance by Earthwind Moreland.

That wasn't so hot. Please give the ball to Corey Dillon.

Randall Gay drops an Eagles pass.

McNab tries to run. Rodney Harrison thankfully does not kill him.

Another Eagles turnover. Is this rugby?

Patriots punt again. I'd prefer to keep our punter off the field, because he's kind of not very good. Done OK so far though.

I didn't know Brady's grandmother died this past week :( .

Uh-oh, touchdown Philly.

Looks we're going to do this on the ground, sounds good. We've got two quality backs and a good heavy package with Seymour back. Fumble? These officials are terrible. How many calls are they going to have overturned? That's two so far.

Brady fumbles and the refs can't find the ball. Incompetent. Brady not so hot tonight.

TD Patriots. Brady showing he's got his poise back, nice job breaking the blitz with the screen and short pass on that drive. Eugene Wilson down, this is not good. We may yet see Earthwind, or somebody whose name I don't even know. No, not Earthwind, he's not a safety.

Rodney Harrison conversing with an official during a timeout. What the hell are they talking about? I imagine Harrison is probably asking, "So, exactly how much roughness before it's unnecessary?"

7-7 at halftime. I think things are going alright.

I didn't see the whole thing, because I just set a plastic bag on fire in the kitchen (don't worry, I have reflexes like a cat), but I have to say, best halftime show I've seen in a few years. Thank God they abandoned the idiot medley motif. Who am I calling an idiot? No one in particular, but when you put a bunch of celebrities all together, I think they look silly. One musician/band is much better than 7. Anyway, the music actually sounds pretty good, and he's got the crowd into it. The pyrotechnics are obnoxious. Feed the poor already, please.

Back to paying bills. I probably shouldn't do that while I drink, but that's the way the chips fell tonight. Why the hell are they playing Bloody Sunday? That's poor taste.

Yes, we throw touchdown passes to our linebackers. That's just how we roll.

Ouch, tough drive by the Eagles. Patriots secondary gets lit up. Eagles rediscover the pick play again, this time using the umpire. Where was the Patriot pass rush on that drive? Really a little bit of luck at key moments, though. That TD pass just made it between two defenders who were in pretty decent position. I'm betting things will not work as neatly on the next Eagles drive.

There we go, Kevin Faulk comes through. And the aforementioned heavy package takes it the final 3 for a Pats score. I really, really wish Chris Collingsworth would hush. I really liked him as a player back in my Ohio days, but since I have to see him and listen to him on TV, my feelings have changed. It's not you, it's me. But nonetheless, you are annoying, to me.

Let's see if the refs can have yet another call overturned. Looks like this pass bounced off the ground to me, but it's close. I'd be ok if they overturned it. Three calls overturned in one game? I'm not sure I saw that all year long. Yep, overturned.

How much has Freddie Mitchell got? Nothing.

TO certainly brought his game, and apparently his ankle, too.

Eagles are wasting too much time. Apparently they used all their no-huddle at the end of the first half. Maybe it's backwards day. Sans a successful onside kick, they have no chance.

Oops, perhaps I'll have to eat my LiveJournal. Touchdown Eagles. Eagles make the 7 point spread. Is this rigged?

No, no eating of the words. Another Patriot 3-point win. Sad to see the three Pats coaches hugging at the end of the game, since they won't be together next year. I'm worried about that; this has definitely been a coach's team, and a strategy-oriented team, so next year will definitely be different. A fitting way to end the game, with a Harrison interception. 7 tackles, 2 interceptions, 1 sacks, and $0 in fines. Nice going.
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