johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Standing by

This train will be standing by for 2 minutes. Quick update, then.

Decided not to go to Boulder next weekend. My friend is now the proud owner of the coffee shop there he was managing, and he's throwing a party to celebrate, but plane tickets are off the charts. Presidents Day weekend must be a big ski weekend. To think that if I were still in CO, I might be the co-owner of a cafe...

Anyway. Sorry, Joe. I'll be there to check it out in a few months.

Spent a couple hours last night fixing a bug in python-mode.el, then found out that it was already fixed in CVS. Fantastic. Why didn't I check that first again? No excuse.

Got proofs back for a couple poems being published in an San Francisco magazine. That's a nice thing. And, they're going to print at least mine (and maybe others) under a Creative Commons license.

Ok, gtg.
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