johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

I'm late, I'm late

Chapter One: First

The raised candlestick shadow flagged my launch through the open window, the resident's self-defensive scream a propulsive blast.

Chapter Two: In the Snow Drift

You are surrounded by snow. The optical weight of a million inverted Saharas slides effortlessly over your outstretched thumbnails. To the east is an open window. In the distance, you hear sirens.

Chapter Three: Movement is

The manifold exits are obstructed by ice and fear. In another season, I would be home free; instead everything takes longer. If I am to survive eloquently, I must guard my heat with conservative passion.

Chapter Four: Impaired

I let my guard down. Everything is turning in colors and my breath has gone out for a drink, leaving my lungs and I to foot the bill. The window is denial and nothing stops where anything starts, because it's all blowing tatters. The signal will never catch my slow, soaked-through bones.

Chapter Five: By Struggle

You find yourself lodged in a polar clump of many crystals. If you could look down from above, you would see an entrance to an entrance, funnel-shaped. From here, you see only one among many. Each one sparkles with choice. You kiss and melt them all; your lantern flickers out. As the sirens condense, your urgency evaporates.

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