johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Morning with Midas

Just got out of Midas (the muffler people). On the bus headed to work.

They put an exhaust on for me 6 months ago. They did kind of a shoddy job. It was loose and banging against the heat shield, which explains the knocking sound under the passenger side that inspired me to take the car in to my neighborhood mechanic who then told me that it was Midas's fault and I should take it to them.

They were very quick about fixing it while I waited, but I did get to catch a couple minutes of Fox News in the lobby. It was a particularly good episode. They said things like:

"The terrorists will have to find a new hiding place, as operations in Fellujah are nearly complete. "

And we wonder why people think Iraq was/is connected with terrorism. Usually, when you fight a war with your soldiers, the other side gets to be called soldiers too. Or at least fighters, or guerilla fighters, or the resistance. Not in Iraq. I think there was a brief period, when they had tanks, that Iraq had soldiers. Now they only have terrorists.

Fox also showed some clips for an upcoming segment on Fahrenheit 911, with the subtitle, "DISTURBING DVD". No, not making that up. They flashed that while showing the scene where Moore is across from the Saudi embassy.
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