johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Boys and their toys

The $2.2 billion, nuclear-powered USS Virginia differs from other submarines because it can not only roam the deep blue ocean, but also get close to shore in shallow water, which Navy officials say is important in fighting terrorism.

--- Boston Globe 2004 Oct 24

Just what we needed, a new nuclear submarine. Because if we would have had that baby on September 10...

Someone please explain to me how a 377-foot submarine with a crew of 130 will do fuckall against hijackers, suicide bombers, or any other form of terrorist.

Someone else explain to me how that imaginary benefit is worth $2.2 billion while we are cutting [insert favorite example of crucial social service on the chopping block here].

Well, get your snorkels out, because the Navy has already ordered 9 more, and plans to order 20 more after that.
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