johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

You know it's a good day..

..when you get unsolicited non-spammer emails like this:


If true I would expect a policy that explains to
the world that any private, public or government
aircraft within a certain distance of that building
will be destroyed! This way the french can only post
a internet view of aliens, if the aliens were a true
hit on the building(s). I think this policy would be
good for other nations also dealing with international
airports and other international business.

Of course local, state and other(s) of the smaller
entities should/shall be able to decide their local
laws, however if aliens really do hit them they
should not speak out against actions they do/did
not know about.


Again our US constitution states we will be protected
with forces by our government. Our government did not
do a good job with the pentagon in 2001 unless aliens
were to blame.

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