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Hyperlinking my Sunday drive

Today was Thelonius Monk's birthday. Or would have been. I'm in the market for good jazz recommendations if anyone has some, since I just signed up at, and while they are sorely lacking in most departments in terms of major label stuff (which bothers me not), they've got plenty of jazz that I don't.

Simone and I went for a little drive today. First we went to Trader Joe's. I bought some Soy Crisps, Cinnamon and Sugar Pita Chips, and two fruit leathers (one Granny Smith Apple and one Apricot).

Then we went to Wilson Farms, were surprised by how close it was, and did not get out of the car because too many other people already had.

After that, we headed to Masao's Kitchen, a macrobiotic restaurant, for dinner, which we knew was going to be closed, but since we were being aimless we decided not to check that.

Just when you think you've seen all the traffic signs there are to see, you pass by a couple that say "THICKLY SETTLED", and you wish you'd brought your cameraphone, but then you realize that someone else has of course already posted a picture of this on the internets, and so it's all good.

It was closed. Pondering our next course of action, we used my mobile to look up directions to another vegetarian restaurant, Light and Life, which is Taiwanese.

Or was Taiwanese. It is now called China Diner and looks like you might expect from the name. Dirty. And, given the large "CHICKEN FINGERS" sign hanging in the window, not what we were looking for. We considered heading to the Deluxe Town Diner for some vegan blueberry pancakes, but this is dinner we're talking about, so, no. Simone suggested Buddha's Delight, but I eat there frequently and was in the mood for something different. We decided on Grasshopper. We took off without really knowing where we were headed.

After fighting for a while about whether it was necessary for me to pull over so Simone could look up directions on my mobile, even though we weren't on a schedule and it wouldn't have mattered if we had ended up needing to turn around (or "in Jersey" as Simone said)(ok, I made that up), I conceded and pulled over. We found our way, looped a few times to find parking, ending up by Sully's Billiards. Sully's Billiards, by the way, is promising. It looks to be a pool hall that lives over the top of an auto body shop. How can this not be THE place to hang.

Simone was nonplussed by the neighborhood, and I had to agree after stepping over the overturned refrigerator on the sidewalk. Maybe it was the set for an after-school special, but I didn't see Kirk Cameron anywhere.

The food was veganly fantastic. I had "Spicy Tofu Steak Filet", which, get real here, was just thin slices of baked tofu over a bed of spinach with red and green bell peppers and onions, in a black bean sauce. It was not spicy, and it bore no resemblance to steak. But it was real good. I'm going to try to cook up a version here at home next week. Simone had some "pork-style tofu" with some smoky mushrooms and such and it was good too. We had some fine vermicelli spring rolls for an appetizer, which were maybe the best I've had in this town. Desert was tofu lemon cheesecake with strawberry topping. Mediocre, but it's a rare treat as a vegan to be able to have desert of any kind at a restaurant, so we felt special.

The only snafu is that the help accidentally threw away Simone's leftovers (there is no such thing as leftovers in my world), or gave them to someone else. Leftovers in Simone's world means half the meal. So that sort of sucked. She is easy-going and so dismissed all their offers to cook something up for her to take home. What's appropriate to ask for in that situation? Cooking up something new seems over the top. Maybe just a few dollars off the bill or something.

Back to the homestead for my William Shatner and old-sitcom-actor-whose-name-escapes-me-and-who's-not-on-the-web-site fix in the form of Boston Legal. I don't really have any such fix, but William Shatner is hysterically funny on this show.

Now I sat down for a quick LJ update that has obviously gone on too long, to finish a poem for a friend's magazine, to finish coding delicious-api.el, to listen to coast-to-coast AM, and to try to squeeze out a little microfiction.
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