johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Scalia Say What?!

Note: It seems it was indeed too outrageous to be true. See the quoted correction in the comments.

This story, from a credible source, says that Scalia, a (conservative) Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, advocates orgies.

I really wonder about Scalia's ethics, and I often write about it. But this has nothing to do with that. This is just jaw-droppingly strange.

It's one thing to like orgies, or enjoy orgies. It's another thing to actively take a pro-orgy position, to say that other people ought to be having more orgies, which appears to be what's happening here.

Also, the mail I got the link from only had the link as "". At the time I looked, the story was not on the front page. So I had to search for it. I searched for Scalia, and indeed the first result was the orgy story.

The second result was a story called "A blow for freedom". It was about something completely different.

I suppose this is why Scalia was involved in that mess a while back with the federal marshals confiscating and erasing reporters' tapes at one of his public speaking engagements. It is really best for the man's career that his speeches not leave the room, I think.
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