johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Dear Diary

I'm having an identity crisis; I don't know where to write. There's here, but then I've been putting a lot of time in on getting my home page up to some level that feels decent to me. That's at, in case you forgot. I'm doing it partly because I just enjoy the process, partly because I'm learning Python and the CMS I am using is written in Python and doesn't have that many plugins written for it, so there may be some room for me to actually make some contributions to the code, and then partly because I want to have a more organized place to have my writing out there.

But, I like LiveJournal. So, what do I write in each place? Whatever I want, I guess. But I can't deal with ambiguity so well. I need some rules. LiveJournal is more like a diary? More kind of a way to update lots of friends at once on what's going on, and less of a place for the more knowledge-producing or opinion-expounding kind of writing? I think that's it. I am exploring the different ways to also embed this LiveJournal in the home page, so that's a possibility also. One-stop shopping and all.

Anyway, I've basically lost most of the nice balance that I sometimes have going in my life and have swung completely over to my computer-related interests. I haven't been writing poetry or fiction, I haven't been painting, I haven't been paying my bills or balancing my checkbook or getting my car fixed or calling my landlord or cleaning my house or watching movies or reading books or any of that stuff. I have been playing a little keyboard, and cooking, but other than that, right here is where you'll find me. That's ok for now, there's sort of a first-surge that has to happen for me to get to a starting point with some of the programming that I want to be able to do; after I know enough to do some things I hope that I will be a little more balanced with my time.

I'm currently writing some code for emacs to complement its PlannerMode, which I use as my organizer etc. Currently tasks are sorted by priority level and status. The code I'm writing is to score them according to a rules file, the rules being regular expression things like "raise: .*Python.*" "lower: .*clean.*". Basically taking some of the scoring ideas that Gnus uses and applying them here, so that tasks with certain keywords rise to the top.

But I will be leaving the house this weekend to do some things. Tomorrow there's some open studios stuff going on in Boston, we'll be out there in the rain. And on Sunday we have tickets to see Marcel Marceau, which will be different, and fun.

Back to "work".
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