johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,


Now that I've emerged from the underground clown car that was the Red Line tonight, I have a couple items on the agenda.

First, looks like now that the Democrats have left, the trash cans are back.

[ Image of a perfectly normal, overflowing trash can. ]

Second, the Michael Bolton, Kenny G concert scheduled for the Fleet
Center was canceled. Sorry folks. Bolton will be performing solo at a
later date. My theory is that the concert was originally scheduled in
case of terrorist attack, to (smoothly) calm the population back
down. No attack, no concert.

Third, I received a follow-up to my damage claim re: TSA dropping my
laptop on the floor at the airport. The claim is being held pending
further information. The missing information? The location of the
incident. See, I neglected to write on the original form that it
happened at Logan. Silly me, when I filled out the form at Logan right
by the Logan security line and gave the form to the Logan guy, and
then the Logan people sent it on to TSA, I thought by then, TSA would
know that the claim originated from Logan. Nope. So I mailed in the
information. In another 2 months, maybe I will hear back from
them. Probably something like, "What or who is this Logan of whom you
speak? Does he know Osama?"

Fourth, cover story by Dugger in The Nation about the dangers of
computerr (that was a typing mistake, but how appropriate)
voting. Now, if it were Free Software, it might be less subject to
manipulation... I haven't actually read the article yet. I'm about two
Nations deep right now.

Finally, I have to go call my landlord now. He is refusing to do some
maintenance we need. And he said, "oh by the way", he's going to raise
our rent because we let the toilet run too long before calling the
plumber and therefore the water bill doubled (which he pays). Bullshit
to that, but anyway, we have this lease thing, which however
unfortunately, does not guarantee the landlord a specific margin.
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