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Convention Photos, Part 1

Just took some photos from my window at work.

I'll only put up two, because they all look pretty much the same. This is just to show you that there are, in fact, a whole lot of police here.

There will probably be more later. There are a lot of separate protests, by both The Right and The Left and The Other going on around the area.

I missed the marchers, who were ahead of this group of police.

I'll say something positive: I like the fact that the police are not yet wearing riot gear.

But as you can see, they are still rolling with their big black scary van.

And, I'm not by the Fleet Center itself.

[ Image of a formation of several rows of Boston police officers on motorcycles ]

[ Image of a black unmarked van behind the motorcycle cops ]

(If you don't see photos, refresh. They're there, really they are.)

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