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Cooking Diary

I'm working on a project to cook every recipe and major variation in Veganomicon.

Since the last post about this I made:

  • Gazborscht: This was not a good recipe. 3 cups shredded beets? How many is that? I ended up shredding way too many beets. I'd really like to have the pre-shredded amounts by weight. Too bad I didn't record them myself either, but I'm going to guess that it's ballpark 3 medium beets. I did like the end result, though.
  • Chickpea Cutlets: Nice and quick to make, but didn't seem to cook all the way through, and frying time was lower than suggested, otherwise burning was starting to happen. Maybe this means my temp was too high? But it was definitely only medium. Considering finishing them in the oven. Might make good breakfast sausages.
  • Vegetable Broth: I hate putting good vegetables in just to make broth, but I wanted to see how much better it was than my usual method of freezing vegetable trimmings throughout the week. Unfortunately, this stock was way better than my leftovers method. If I can get some composting system going, I'll feel a lot less bad about boiling vegetables for stock and then tossing their carcasses.

For non-Veganomicon cooking:

  • Carrot risotto: with carrot stock that I made earlier in the week. This was delicious. The Dirt Candy chef Amanda Cohen was on Simply Ming recently. It wasn't my favorite episode of the show — Ming does a not-so-impressive cauliflower steak in the opening segment, which is already not my favorite feed-the-vegetarian dish, and he repeats a few too many times that vegetables can be just as good as meat. But she makes a beautiful carrot pasta. And the risotto directions seemed just about perfect. I did not yet make the add-ons (carrot dumplings and fried carrot strips) but I will next time.
  • Raisin spice scones from Vegan Brunch — These taste kind of unpleasant for some reason. Maybe I didn't bake them long enough; they seem a little doughy on the inside, but they also already seem a little dry. It's possible I overworked the dough.
  • Zucchini Bread from How It All Vegan. Tastes good; texture was not great, but I blame myself because I was a little shy on baking powder. And very shy on non-expired baking powder. One odd thing in this book's recipes is that they like to call for "sweetener" without specifying. In this case, I used sugar, and I bet I was supposed to use something liquid like agave, because I had to add a 1/2 cup water to make it at all moist.
  • Roasted Winter Vegetable Jambalaya from The Inspired Vegan. I was very skeptical of the idea of taking lovely roasted vegetables and simmering them in liquid, but I really liked the result. I substituted turnips for parsnips because I thought I didn't have any parsnips, except then I did. But that's okay, because I'm desperate for ways I'm not sick of to use all the turnips I have.
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