johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Kam Man

Today we took a Zip Car to the Kam Man Marketplace in Quincy.

We focused mainly on the vegan "meat" products, and came away with:

  • Beef slices (dried)
  • Pork nuggets (dried)
  • Ham (a giant, tube-shaped, frozen, $15 ham)
  • Prawns (frozen)
  • Chili beef jerky
  • Sesame dried bean curd (like jerky)
  • Bean curd snack on a stick
  • VitaSoy tofu, on sale for 99 cents

Opinions and photos forthcoming. But one thing is for sure, Kam Man is amazing -- I will definitely be going back.

Tags: boston, cooking, diary, food, kam man, quincy, vegan, vegetarian
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