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See Something? Say Something.

In fact I do see something--ia neurotic advertising campaign dedicated to making everyone feel insecure so that we can then implement a bunch of expensive, intrusive and ill-thought out policies to make ourselves feel better.

This morning on the subway, I saw two ads next to each other. One brags about Boston starting deomcracy, public libraries, and public schools. The other shows a lonely cardboard box on a train platform with words to the effect of, "Just rubbish? Or a risk to your health? See something? Say something." So I will. I do think it's rubbish. I don't think that's the answer they're looking for though.

There's much more to be said about this lonely brown cardboard box holding our worst fears, but I'l save that for a more philosophical mood.

By the way---talking on your cell phone in the shitter? Now THAT'S behavior that someone transported from the 1950s to today would find shocking. Especially in the men's room.
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