johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

NYT gets application removed from App Store

Did the New York Times really just argue that it is a violation of their terms of service to sell an RSS reader that can access their news feed?

It sounds like they did, in a letter to Apple asking that such an application be removed from the App Store -- right after they themselves had reviewed the application positively and after Steve Jobs had given it a shout-out.

The app was later reinstated, without the NYT feed.

There is the added bit that the app used the NYT feed in its advertising. But... what RSS software wouldn't? And why isn't Google Reader + ads also a commercial use of the NYT feed? Or... Opera? Because they don't include the NYT feed by default?

Confused in Seattle,

(In other iPad news, there have been reports that people who appear Asian were asked strange questions when trying to buy iPads, as a result of an earlier Apple policy intended to discourage smuggling, because you know, that's what they do.)

Tags: apple, copyright, dmca, new york times
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