johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Stripping iPhone notices from e-mails in Gnus

I'm not a fan of the iPhone, because of its proprietary software and Digital Restrictions Management (DRM).

Sometimes people e-mail me from iPhones, and so I see that little "Sent from my iPhone" note at the bottom of their messages.

While I would prefer that people change that note (if Apple allows them to do that) to say something like, "The iPhone is Defective by Design (", my second choice would be to just not see the note. Fortunately, in Gnus — my favorite free software e-mail client — it's easy to "wash" messages.

Today to my .gnus file I added:

(setq gnus-parameters
        (banner . iphone))))

(setq gnus-article-banner-alist
      '((iphone . "\\(^Sent from my iPhone$\\)")))

Now I don't have to see those notes.


Tags: advertising, apple, defective by design, drm, emacs, emacs lisp, freerunner, fsf, gnus, iphone, openmoko
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