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Where is your swibble?

Today, consumer culture was particularly depressing.

1. The Cellboost disposable battery charger, advertised by showing a graveyard full of cell phones and talking about how cell phones are needlessly thrown away due to dead batteries. The solution? A battery charger that you plug into your phone and then throw away. What a great new way to protect the environment. Why wait for your phone battery to die before throwing something away? Throw something away now!

2. Greeting cards. Specifically, Father's Day cards---from the family cat and/or dog. A whole row of them. Here's a tip: the family cat and/or dog doesn't give a fuck. Stop pretending.

3. An OFF ad featuring the major selling point of protecting you from West Nile. I hear it cures AIDS too.

4. Kentucky Fried Chicken collectible chicken buckets. What?! Aren't there food bits still in there? If you have mantle space to collect chicken buckets, I suggest a smaller house.
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