johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Ignore spam from me

If you received a message from my Yahoo account advertising some shopping thing, it's not real. My Yahoo account was cracked and a message sent to my whole addressbook.

It's not just a spoofing -- when I logged into the account to change the password, the message was actually sitting in the Sent box. I also intended to delete the addressbook so it couldn't happen as easily again, but turns out it had already been deleted. Maybe the spammer did that to make it a little harder for me to write to everyone to say the message wasn't real.

Interestingly, I know of at least one other case of a Yahoo account being compromised recently, as I was receiving spam IMs from a friend's valid Yahoo Messenger account. What's going on over there?

I haven't used that email in a long time anyway, so I'll be getting rid of the account at some point. Guess this is a sign I should get on that. Current contact info will always be on the contact page here.

Tags: diary, security, spam, yahoo
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