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Significant coincidence

I just received The Collected Poems of Philip Whalen as a gift (yay). It's 871 pages. I opened to a random page, looking to see if there might be a poem saying something about the idea of significance. The poem I opened to was "The Dilemma of the Occasion Is", on page 787.

My initial thought after not really reading the poem was that it had nothing to do with what I was looking for. So I decided I should check the Internet instead, and searched for "philip whalen significance poetry". Please don't mock my search terms; I wasn't actually trying to find anything. This search predictably led me to the empty mirror books page about Whalen, where I clicked on the link for Mark Other Place. I scrolled down the page a couple screens without actually reading anything. When I did stop to look, I was staring at the opening lines of "The Dilemma of the Occasion Is".

On reading it now, I think maybe it does have something to do with what I was looking for:

Too many shoes
Those are not the ones.

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