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Drive-by news

Some drive-by news from the recent past relevant to this blog:

  • My car is still safely in its parking space, unmolested by tow truck or green sticker. If only the pigeons would be so kind.
  • Rumsfeld said explicitly that there was never any evidence that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with the September 11th attacks. A poll, however, showed that 75% of Americans believe that Hussein was involved. But is this disavowal by Rumsfeld a trick? Because Bush later explained that while there was no direct connection to September 11th, there was a connect to Al-Qaeda—the evidence for this, however, is just as nonexistent. It had something to do with one individual AQ member being in an Iraqi hospital once, a long time ago, with Colonel Mustard and a lead pipe. Is this a case of conceding one ridiculous position to make a second ridiculous position just a bit more credible?
  • There is discussion about extending the hour to which bars in Boston can stay open, in order to accommodate the late-running events of the National Democrat Convention. Well, being a Boston resident and an avid bar patron, I hope they do stay open later. But I'm at a loss for a) how this came up in connection with the Convention and b) how this became important enough to put on the news. Perhaps that two minutes should have been spent talking about one of the 200 Democrat presidential candidates instead.
  • MoveOn has begun a campaign to get Rumsfeld out. Sounds good to me. Use this link to send a supportive letter:
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