johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

The trip so far

I made it to Denver.

Thanks to my new Sidekick, I am able to be really annoying and tell you about My Long Weekend while I wait for the bus at the Denver airport.

The biggest news of the day so far is that TSA at Logan dropped my laptop on the floor. I believe this to be gadget karma. I just got a new toy, and therefore I must expect my last new toy to be dropped from waist-high at least once.

Fortunately, my laptop is a tank. Chalk one up for the Thinkpad case, it showed the floor a thing or two. I still filed a claim against Uncle Sam on the spot, because I'm sure some problems might still develop.

Second item is that I'm not sure there are mountains here anymore. It's cloudy and foggy and I can't see them.

Yes, it's cloudy, which I think only happens about 5 days out of the year here. That's ok, I like cloudy.

The bus should be here momentarily. More later.

The bus came just then. Shame about these clouds---this is usually a beautiful bus ride...
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