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Patent reform coalition aims to abolish software patents

A coalition of patent reform advocacy groups has launched a new project that aims to challenge the legality of software patents.

Patents restrict, intimidate and punish those software developers most willing to publish and share their work with other programmers and users. The free software movement has given lie to the argument that patents are necessary for advancement in software. We've done quite well without them. Even if you are not a programmer, you've benefitted from the culture and the software produced by this movement -- you've probably used Firefox, OpenOffice, or visited one of the sites (the majority of them) on the Internet that are displayed to you by the Apache web server. Please read about the new End Sofware Patents campaign and support me, the Free Software Foundation, and the other organizations in the coalition as we work to ensure an environment free from legal intimidation for people wanting to make strides in the science of software development.

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Tags: fsf, software patents
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