johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Don't Trust the Media to Get Copyright Right: Scrabulous

The more controversial issue is whether the game Scrabulous, and not merely the word "Scrabulous," infringes on some kind of copyright...However interesting this might be to a law student like myself, it seems to be the case that the entire 'copyright' angle has been invented by the media.

This is an interesting article on the whole Scrabulous situation. It's also a good case for Richard Stallman's argument against use of the term "intellectual property" on the grounds that it is an ineffective and confusing generalization.

I tried Scrabulous again last night, and discovered that the version at works with the free software java platform Iced Tea, kind of. There was a lot of strange wankiness, but in the end the game basically works. The version installable on Facebook, though, seems to do nothing. I'm guessing that by the time support is perfect, Scrabulous will be gone :).

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Tags: facebook, free software, iced tea, java, scrabble, scrabulous
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