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Football is made for TV [24 Sep 2012|01:21am]

This is an interesting article about the role of television in the NFL, although it's mainly focused on the issue with the replacement officials (official officials still not working due to contract dispute with the league).

Things I didn't know:

  • NBC's "Sunday Night Football" was the most-watched television show last year, beating out "American Idol," "NCIS," etc. (Okay, I knew this, but am surprised every time I read it.)
  • The top 12 most-watched sporting events last year were all NFL games.
  • Average game time this season has been 3 hours 14 minutes, which is the longest in 20 years. (Tonight's game was almost 3 hours 40 minutes.)
  • 90 minutes before each game, the officials meet with representatives from each team and the TV production crew to go over the mechanics of the broadcast.
  • Standard practice is five commercials per quarter.
  • Producers are allowed to ask the officials for two 10-second "bumps" in each half, which are short delays so the announcers can do an extra replay or lead-in before the game restarts after a break.
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