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Tor UK goes DRM-free [09 Aug 2012|03:36pm]

UK Readers Can Now Purchase DRM-Free Books From Tor UK

“We believe that making our Tor ebooks DRM-free is the best for our readers, allowing you to use legitimately-purchased ebooks in perfectly legal ways, like moving your library from one ereader to another,” says Jeremy Trevathan, Publisher at Pan Macmillan. “We understand that DRM can make your ebooks less easy to read. It also makes building and maintaining your digital library more complicated. For these reasons, we are committed to remaining DRM-free.”

I'm really happy to see this and I hope more ebook sellers follow suit. Some of the others already doing DRM-free can be found on our list at Defective by Design.

Also see StoryBundle, which just launched and offers a set of DRM-free ebooks on a pay-what-you-want basis, with some of the money going to charity.

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