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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Monday routine [01 Jul 2012|11:42pm]

Figures, the day after I posted my little love letter to the Sunday Times last week, I received this note from them:

Dear Home Delivery Subscriber,

Starting July 9, Home Delivery Subscribers will no longer have free access to NYTimes.com Premium Crosswords. You can, however, continue to access Premium Crosswords by subscribing at a special low rate being offered only to Times subscribers.

I forgave the NYT somewhat for the questionable stuff they've been doing with paid online access because they were giving their traditional subscribers full access to everything. But this sounds like the first jingle of some serious nickle-and-diming coming my way.

Apparently my Monday routine is realizing that I might not be able to continue my Sunday routine for much longer.

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