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Sunday Routine [25 Jun 2012|01:48am]

While reading the "Sunday Routine" column in the New York Times this morning, I realized that an important part of my Sunday routine is to read about other people's Sunday routines.

Some of the columns I enjoy most in the Sunday NYT have to do with other people's histories and habits:

  • "Sunday Routine" in the front page: Mostly this column just makes me realize I should wake up earlier on Sundays. Nobody's "Sunday Routine" description starts with, "Well, I wake up around 10 or 11." Not that I do that, routinely.
  • "Corner Office" in Sunday Business: I like the format of this because it's routine -- they ask mostly the same interview questions of each (executive) subject. Much of it is eye-rolling MBA stuff, but I do learn little tips that inspire me in my job. Some of my favorite parts are the interview questions about interview questions, but it's on this list because of the parts that touch on routines involved in the running of different organizations.
  • "The Boss" in Sunday Business: Here I find sometimes inspiring stories about how people in leadership positions in the business and nonprofit worlds got to where they are. Some routine or another is usually part of that story. (That link is just to today's installment; they aren't making it easy to link to the column.)
  • "Modern Love" in Sunday Styles: These romantic stories often involve talking about routines in some way or another, while describing relationships starting or ending. What do you mean you don't believe that's why I read them?
  • "Talk" in the magazine: This is more for comic relief than anything. But it belongs on this list because sometimes the questions do touch on routines.
  • "Download" in Sunday Review: This is more of a snapshot of the person's routine. Sometimes I get good music, book, TV or film recommendations from here. (The link is to today's installment for the same reason as "The Boss.")

I rarely get through all of these on a Sunday, but trying to is definitely part of my routine. Other than the newspaper, I'm currently reading Murakami's 1Q84. His routine involves running every day for over 20 years (and a marathon every year).

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