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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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New vegan cooking show coming to PBS [11 Jun 2012|01:32am]

I'm excited about this vegan cooking show coming to PBS.

Which reminds me, I never complained about that episode of Worst Cooks in America where one contestant made a porkchop for his vegan girlfriend as part of a cook-for-someone-special-to-you-on-camera challenge. She gave a brief hem and haw about eating meat but then ate the porkchop and some lobster. I know people are vegan for different reasons, which may make such compromises not a big deal, but that was pretty disappointing to watch given the broader Food Network negative attitude toward vegan cooking. I don't really fault her or him so much as the network presentation and use of the event.

Speaking of veganism, the Food Network, and public broadcasting, if you haven't listened to the oldie-but-goodie Wait Wait Don't Tell Me episode where Paula Deen is quizzed about tofu, you should -- it's funny.

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