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Magic Legwand makes pucks disappear [22 Apr 2012|09:55pm]

The other night in a playoff game against Detroit, Nashville's David Legwand illegally covered the puck with his hand while it was in the goal crease. Normally this would have given the Red Wings a penalty shot, but he managed to escape notice by picking up the puck, carrying it off the ice, and giving it to a trainer.

Here's the video evidence:

If that clip doesn't work, try this one:

This made me remember another time when the puck disappeared, in the playoffs two years ago. I went back to find the video, and guess who is standing next to the goaltender when the puck is nowhere to be found?

I'm confused as to how in the recent case, the game was able to resume without the officials ever locating the puck. As the commentators in the 2010 clip point out, if they just start playing with a new puck, and then the original puck drops out of someone's jersey, suddenly there are two pucks on the ice -- chaos.

I guess sometimes in hockey it's not just the TV spectators who can't find the puck.

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