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What's the deal with airplane food [19 Mar 2012|02:07am]

Tray Table

I have no idea why they put the above tray table in front of me. While I'm on the topic, I learned some interesting things about airplane food from The New York Times recently:

  • Customers drink as much tomato juice as beer on planes -- 423,000 gallons of each. This is way more tomato juice than people usually drink on the ground. Supposedly it's because tomato juice has a different taste in different atmospheric conditions. It tastes less acidic on a plane. I have definitely wondered before about this, noticing how the only time I ever see people drink tomato juice (not in a Bloody Mary) is on planes -- well, except for one coworker who keeps it in the fridge at work.
  • A few years ago, Delta saved $250,000 per year by shaving one ounce from its steaks.
  • They also saved $210,000 per year by removing one strawberry from salads served in first class on domestic routes.
  • A one-cent increase in peanut prices increased Delta's costs by $610,000 per year. (A recent flight I was on announced that no peanuts would be served because one of the passengers had a nut allergy.)
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