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Next Time [27 Dec 2011|12:26pm]

I'm trying to figure out how to get two 27"x33" framed pictures (glass) safely from Detroit to Boston. In reading about Delta's policies on fragile luggage, I learned about their Christmas Tree policy. Who knew.

Christmas Trees

Do you want to bring some holiday cheer to your destination? You can indeed bring your Christmas tree with you. We will accept cut Christmas trees as limited-release baggage on all flights within the United States, including flights to/from Hawaii. However, all Christmas trees will be subject to baggage allowance and baggage size restrictions, as well as some other rules:

  • Trees need to be adequately packaged with the root ball or cut base and all branches wrapped and secured using a burlap-type material.
  • If you are traveling into Hawaii and checking a Christmas tree as baggage, you must include it on your declaration form and the tree must pass agricultural inspection.

One policy I'm glad I don't have to concern myself with this Christmas? The Cremated Remains policy. "TSA suggests the passenger purchase a temporary or permanent crematory container of lighter material such as wood or plastic which can easily be x-rayed." Is there a Ralph's around here?

I welcome suggestions for transporting/shipping these pictures.

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