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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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How I make decisions [06 Dec 2011|06:39pm]

I just missed an Iron Blogger deadline. I knew I was going to miss it, because I was going to be on a plane Sunday night, not landing until after 6am Monday morning (the deadline is 6am EST Mondays).

The penalty for missing the deadline is putting $5 in the drinking/eating pool. I then realized that I was fully prepared to pay $4.95 for a GoGo in-flight internet pass, in order to be able to post and save myself a nickel. It being an overnight flight, I intended to sleep as much as possible, but I pulled out my laptop to do the post while I was enjoying my complimentary beverage.

That's when I discovered the $4.95 pass was not available for my flight. The $4.95 pass was still advertised, but when attempting to purchase it, I was instead delivered an HTTP error. I hit up the rep for some live chat, and he explained it was because the flight was too long. When I asked why that policy made sense for a flight on which nearly everyone would be sleeping anyway, and explained that I just wanted the internet for a few minutes, he disconnected me.

After thinking about it some more, and failing to sleep, I decided I was actually willing to pay $12.95 for the next tier pass, in order to do the post. Doing so would preserve my honor, keep a streak going, and at the same time, generate the topic for the post!

The $12.95 one wouldn't work either. When attempting to purchase a pass, I was delivered an error which said that I needed to purchase a pass to use the internet to purchase a pass to use the internet to purchase a pass to...

As it turns out, I guess I paid $5 for a post topic. And no sleep.

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