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New vitamin D recommendations [30 Nov 2010|08:54am]

The Vitamin D debate, which is big here in Seattle where we've heard of this "sun" thing but never actually seen it (and also especially a concern for vegans), just got even more confusing.

Despite mounting pressure to urge many Americans to sharply boost their vitamin D levels, new government recommendations are not advocating a huge increase in the amount of the "sunshine vitamin" that people get.

The United States and Canada asked the Institute of Medicine, which is part of the National Academy of Sciences, to update the official vitamin D recommendations for the first time since 1997. A 14-member expert committee convened for the task concluded that most Americans and Canadians up to age 70 need no more than 600 international units of vitamin D per day. The elderly may need as much as 800, the committee concluded.

The Checkup - New vitamin D recommendations

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Landfill manager Michael Gross [30 Nov 2010|09:01am]

Another aptronym:

The latest innovation: toilets — porcelain toilets — that have been thrown away (or used as road base). Surprisingly, it wasn't easy to track down the toilets at first. But Burns hit the jackpot when he heard from Michael Gross, the aptly named marketing manager of the Zanker Road Landfill near San Jose, Calif.

Trash To Treasure: From Toilets To Tiles : The Picture Show : NPR

More aptronyms here.

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