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Presentations at Debconf in NYC [30 Jul 2010|10:45pm]

I'm excited to be giving two presentations at Debconf 10, held this year on the Columbia campus in New York City.

The first is "FSF's Campaigns for Freedom" on Sunday, August 1st, from 14:00 to 15:00 in 414 Schapiro. I'll give an overview of some of the current FSF campaigns, like the GNU Project, Working Together for Free Software, Defective by Design, PlayOgg, Windows 7 Sins, and the High Priority Projects List; and resources like the Licensing & Compliance Lab, Free Software Jobs page, Hardware Directory, and the Free Software Directory. But I'm going to save plenty of time to talk with the room about things the FSF should or could be doing.

The second is "Patent Absurdity: How software patents broke the system" on Thursday, August 5th, from 14:00 to 15:00 in the Davis Auditorium. We'll be watching the Patent Absurdity film, chatting about what's happened since, and what the Bilski decision means for the future of free software.

I'll be around the conference all week, so drop me an email at johns@fsf.org or catch me in the #debconf channel (johns) if you want to chat about the FSF or GNU.

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