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Is iPad that powerful, or is running Norway that easy [19 Apr 2010|01:21pm]

More from the inexplicable iPad headlines department:


Can't he run Norway with a...laptop?

Also, how is the Prime Minister of Norway using the iPad, which restricts all its software with Apple's "FairPlay" DRM, when Norway's Consumer Ombudsman only two years ago (rightly) said that FairPlay is illegal because it obstructs legal uses of media, such as moving it without restriction between devices or computers?

Oh right, because Norway inexplicably dropped the complaint in 2009 after iTunes dropped DRM on music.

They might want to re-evaluate that, since iTunes continues to use DRM on all other forms of media (ebooks and movies), and the iPhone and iPad have actually expanded this DRM to cover software as well.

Maybe Norway's government product placement is an effort to make amends.

(The title of this post is taken from the first comment on the CNN article, which nails it.)

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