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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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GNU Hackers Meeting and LibrePlanet, Cambridge, MA, March 18th - 21st [15 Mar 2010|08:28am]

I'm excited about the GNU Hackers Meeting in a few days.

We're going to meet for some curry on Thursday night with the people in town so far, then the bulk of the meeting will be on Friday. Things on the agenda so far include lightning talks from several of the people attending about the GNU projects they are working on, a discussion about the problems with Software as a Service and what GNU can do about it -- with a focus on the creation of a new GNU network services team, and longer presentations like David Sugar on Replacing Skype, Matt Lee on GNU FM (the software that runs last.fm replacement libre.fm), and Michael Flickinger on Savannah.

This is the first US edition of the GNU Hackers Meeting -- there have already been a few in Europe. One cool thing about this one is the range of contributors we have represented. We have people from the origin of the project, including RMS, John Gilmore, and Rob Savoye -- plus new contributors like Steven DuBois of GNU Generation (the awesome project started last year by FSF intern Max Shinn for high schoolers interested in GNU).

After Friday, the Meeting segues into the rest of the LibrePlanet conference, which promises to be awesome as well. The Women in Free Software track is particularly important to me because I think it's progress in one of the most critical steps we need to take to really make the free software movement work for everyone. As one of the conference organizers I'm sure I'm going to be bouncing around a lot during the days, but I'm definitely going to make a point to catch as much as I can of all of the presentations in that track -- I'm especially interested in hearing Karen Sandler of the Software Freedom Law Center, and the panel on Sunday with Chris Ball, Hanna Wallach, Erinn Clark and Denise Paolucci.

It's not too late to register for either the GHM (if you're a GNU maintainer or significant contributor), or the LibrePlanet conference -- just follow the instructions on the wiki. Drop me a line if you're reading this and will be there.

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