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Stripping iPhone notices from e-mails in Gnus [01 Sep 2009|12:47pm]

I'm not a fan of the iPhone, because of its proprietary software and Digital Restrictions Management (DRM).

Sometimes people e-mail me from iPhones, and so I see that little "Sent from my iPhone" note at the bottom of their messages.

While I would prefer that people change that note (if Apple allows them to do that) to say something like, "The iPhone is Defective by Design (http://defectivebydesign.org).", my second choice would be to just not see the note. Fortunately, in Gnus — my favorite free software e-mail client — it's easy to "wash" messages.

Today to my .gnus file I added:

(setq gnus-parameters
        (banner . iphone))))

(setq gnus-article-banner-alist
      '((iphone . "\\(^Sent from my iPhone$\\)")))

Now I don't have to see those notes.


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