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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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News of interest to those who drink [19 Jul 2009|11:38am]

Starbucks inside the Louvre in Paris

I wasn't surprised to see Boulder at #3 on this list of "Heaviest Drinking Metro Areas." I definitely witnessed several incidents related to that distinction, around 2am on the Pearl Street Mall -- a stark contrast with the scores of healthy bikers and joggers I saw each morning during my barista shifts. I blamed a lot of it at the time on the debut of Red Bull as a mixer. Keeping people awake longer so they can drink more turns out to be not that great of an idea. But I guess the trend has deeper roots than that.

In other tipsy news, Starbucks is getting into the alcohol business, starting with a store in Seattle. I think this is a welcome development generally -- I enjoy the European-style coffee house where you can have a glass of wine or a beer instead of coffee. We sort of have it here in Boston with the Trident; if only it felt less like a restaurant. But I'm definitely wary of what Starbucks will bring to this -- could Starbucks do to the bar industry what they've done to the cafe industry? They aren't going to try to rename the "pint," are they?

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