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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Bukowski short short story writing contest [02 Apr 2009|12:19pm]

I think I'll be stopping by to get an entry form for this. The deadline is April 28th.

Bukowski Tavern, Harpoon, and The Weekly Dig have teamed up again for the “Pint and Pen” writing contest. The premise is simple: write a short-short story between 500 and 750 words long. The hard part is including these four essential words: pint, pen, Bukowski, and Harpoon.

Drinking in Boston: Pints and Pens - Bostonist: Boston News, Food, Arts & Events

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Napowrimo #2 [02 Apr 2009|11:49pm]

under the iPod's
  watchful i
 she vomits down
the stairs
  sucks herself
 back up


applies makeup

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